Getting Started

Upon contacting our rooms, we will arrange an appointment to meet with Dr James Askew, Bariatric and General Surgeon at one of our weight loss consulting clinics in Caboolture, Caloundra, Hervey Bay or if you live regionally or remotely, via Telehealth. Prior to your consultation there is a detailed health questionnaire to be completed and if you require medical release of your funds from your superannuation, documents to be completed for this also.

During this initial consultation with Dr Askew, time is spent exploring your medical and obesity history to see if surgery suits you and what benefits might be achieved. Surgery options and the follow up process is discussed with you and it is a good opportunity to ask questions regarding any aspect of surgery, our team and your care.

Preparing for Surgery

Following your initial consultation you may be referred for a pathology screening, a barium swallow (fluoroscopy) and in some cases, an endoscopy, echocardiogram or sleep study may also be required. Following your investigations, you will meet twice pre-operatively with one of the team dietitans and at least once more with Dr Askew to formally discuss these pre-operative results and to consent you for your chosen surgical procedure.

Our bariatric team is here to support you before, during and after your weight loss surgery. We look forward to hearing from you to help you on your way to better health.

Life After Surgery

After your surgical procedure Dr James Askew will visit you daily during your inpatient stay and you will also receive a visit from Kye, our specialist bariatric patient liaison to discuss your transition home. Kye being a bariatric patient herself has some handy tips and tricks that may assist you in the early days following surgery.

Most of our patients have a two night stay in hospital and providing you have no fever, have adequate pain relief with oral medication and can take enough fluids to prevent dehydration and receive adequate nutrition you will be discharged home. We do suggest a two week period away from work, however some patients are keen to return to work sooner and others later. We will discuss your circumstances with you during your consultations and provide any necessary medical or carer’s medical certificates.
Our team care plan is thorough post-operatively to give you the best possible result from your surgery. Your surgical package fee includes two psychology appointments, seven dietitian appointments and ongoing (bulk billed when a valid referral is held on file) consultations with Dr Askew.

You will be required to take a multi-vitamin lifelong following surgery and our dietitians will review your blood results regularly to ensure there are no micro or macro nutrient deficiencies. If there are any deficiencies, they will work with both you and Dr Askew to prescribe a regime to help you reach and maintain adequate stores of these vital nutrients.

Patient Resources

Please be sure to check back soon as we are in the process of adding patient resources to our site.