Revision Bariatric Surgery

Revision Bariatric Surgery

Many bariatric patients achieve long lasting success and happiness following their surgery. However in some circumstances revision surgery may be beneficial. Situations where revision surgery may be considered include:

Inadequate weight loss or weight regain
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)
A change in functioning or anatomy of the initial surgery eg a gastric band slippage
Loss of restriction

Revision bariatric surgery is not uncommon and is becoming an increasing part of my practice. Some weight loss operations from the ‘open’ surgical era (such as the vertical banded gastroplasty) are now no longer performed and can be revised. Similarly there is a high rate of revision surgery associated with the adjustable gastric band (lap band). This has contributed to the gastric bands declining utilisation as a bariatric operation.

Before proceeding with a second bariatric operation it is important to identify why further surgery is required and which revision operation would be best for you. Everyone’s situation is unique and I will carefully discuss with you your medical and surgical history as well as your expectations. Often further investigations (eg endoscopy) as well assessment with our team members is beneficial before proceeding with surgery. I am experienced at performing revision surgery and myself and the team will work closely with you to help you get back on track.

It is important to note that revision surgery may not be as effective as primary surgery. The weight loss achieved after a revision operation may not be as great compared with weight loss after the same operation in a primary setting. Revision bariatric surgery can also be associated with higher complication rates due to the residual scar tissue from the initial surgery.

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