Weight Loss Surgery

Dr Askew is an established and experienced metabolic and obesity surgeon. He offers a number of different primary and revision metabolic operations. When considering which surgery is ‘best’ for you there is no ‘one size fits all.’ Each surgery has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as slightly different risk profiles. What is best for you, may not be best for your neighbour.

It is important to recognise that surgery (irrespective of which one) is an aid to help you achieve your goals. Metabolic surgery offers powerful neuro-hormonal effects to suppress your appetite, alter your food absorption as well as significantly reduce your stomach size. However long lasting weight loss success requires more than just surgery. Surgery will not force you to make the appropriate food and lifestyle choices.

Dr Askew and his team provide you with the best opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Our comprehensive care plan includes dietitian and psychology support to help you understand and adjust to the changes you should be implementing.

We are confident that our caring and supportive environment will allow you to achieve long lasting success.